Machines adapted to each and every customer’s requirements.
Our aim is to give you solutions for your twisting process. And recently your coating needs.

The simplicity of its use.
Extreme simplicity of use, all changes are made through a screen keyboard, without any need to change any mechanism or gearing. Production data is stored for easy repetition. Machines are prepared to be controlled via PC and/or modem

The low maintenance.
Our machines are designed to reduce time and cost maintenance. We have always been specialized in making very robust, simply designed machinery. All sections have been carefully developed to be easy to operate and to avoid damage by intensive use

Its standard components.
Standard components, to give you the freedom to buy spare parts in any part of the world, with the consequent saving in time and costs. Most of our machine components are standard pieces on the market made by the best international manufacturers.



Advantages of Ring twisting system
In a very changeable market, where products are changing every day and where machines must be flexible to adapt production to new requirements, ring twisters are becoming the best choice. There are other twisting systems very efficient to produce a particular kind of yarn, but ring twisting system is the most flexible way to twist any kind of yarn. Total flexibility in twisting:
➢ Unlimited number of yarns to be assembled and twisted.
➢ Assembling different kind of yarns.
➢ Production of hybrid yarns.
➢ Possible to produce big capacity bobbins.
➢ No need of assembling before twisting.

Special innovations of our machines
➢ Independent spindles: each spindle is driven by a motor. Therefore, different spindles can process different twists. PATENTED SYSTEM
➢ TwistPerfect: the speed of the traveler is monitored constantly. These data are sent to a control unit that slightly modifies the speed of the spindles, so the speed of the traveler is always kept constant. PATENTED SYSTEM
➢ Uni-oil: each ring has individual lubrication piloted by an individual valve. In case of spindle stop the valve closes the feeding of oil
➢ Air-oil: The lubrication for the rings is mixed with compressed air. The consumption of oil is lower and the distribution around the ring better.
➢ Traverse feed: the feeding guide has a sideways movement that avoids the formation of grooves on the rubber feeding roller.

Twistechnology® has several ranges of Twisting machines according to the fineness of the materials:
Twistec – Tandem – Twistec 3: specially designed for technical and small productions.
Twispeed – TwistMax: specially designed for finer counts and large productions.
Twistar: it is a robust machine designed for coarser counts and heavy bobbins.
Twistglass: specially designed to twist fiber glass.
Twistup: connected in line to other twisters. Twistup 2X1 and Twistup FG.
Accessories: Doffing and feeding systems, Bobbin cleaner, bobbins and travellers.



TwistFix: Fiber and yarn modular coating machine
Cross precision winders.