• Increasing production up to 40 %and more
• High quality results
• Lower working tension
• Increasing range of twisting at very lower tex (1 tex)
• Individual transmission by motor-spindle. Patented system.
• Individual counter meter in each spindle. Stop individually at preselected number of meters.
• Special ring lubricating oiling system with air.
• We have always been specialized in making very robust and simply designed machinery. All sections have been carefully developed to be easy to operate and to avoid damage by intensive use
• Laboratory test in Twistechnology to make trials with your own yarn.
• Training and production advice from our specialized technicians to your staff.
• Technical Support for any doubt, problem or new need at anytime from our Technical Support Service.


UNI-OIL: Dosing control ring oil
TWISTPERFECT: Perfect mechanical and electronical twist (PATENTEDSYSTEM)
TWISTDAT A: Remote control of production data through PC
INTERNET CONNECTION: Service remote technical assistance
SIMPLE TRANSMISION: One motor per spindle

Additional components
TRAVELLERS: All type of travelers available
BOBBINS: All type of bottle bobbins ,tubes ,spools and double flanged bobbins available
RING OIL: Lubricating oils for rings and other components
YARN BREAK DETECTORS: Different types of yarn break detectors available
YARN TENSION CONTROL: Different types of yarn tension detectors available