Doffer and Transport

Twistechnology® can supply robust systems for the extraction of heavy bobbins:

  • Individual doffer (for bobbins up to 100 Kg).
  • Semi-automatic doffer.
  • Automatic doffer.
  • You have also the possibility to connect the doffer to a bobbin transport system.

Feeding system creels

Twistechnology® can design and manufacture a personalized creel for your twisting machine.


Cleaning bobbin system.
The machine is a simple device that removes the left over or off-quality yarn waste on bobbins.
Compressed air suctions the waste yarn away from the bobbin through a pipe and deposits it in a plastic bag. The machine is portable.


We can supply you high quality bobbins adapted to your specific requirements.
Your bobbins can be adapted to our machines.


We recommend nylon travellers for our twisters.
We can supply you with different shape travellers and different measures to suit your specific needs. Different shapes. Available standard, glass fiber or aramids reinforced and metal insert.