Technical Support Department

Support for any technical doubt, problem or new need at any time. Our technical department is always at your service. This service is also in charge of spare parts inquiries.

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Sales Machinery:

Training and test LAB

Laboratory test in Twistechnology®to make trials with your own yarn.

Training and production advice by our specialized technicians to your staff.

Engineering Department

We are used to participate in our customer’s projects giving them support as an engineering consultant and our experience and know how in this field makes our recommendations very valuable.

We participate in I+D projects of our customers.

Our personnel is constantly investigating and developing new technology to improve and increase the productivity and quality of our machinery and also reduce the costs for our customers.

Hand-Key Projects

Twistechnology designs complete and personalized projects for each customer depending on their industry or field, we coordinate all the steps from the study and design of the project to the set up of it and also giving technical support after it is completely in operation in customer’s facilities.

Applications of

Twistechnology® machines

Our customers are working in different kind of fields as:

    • Technical yarns: Aramids, high tenacity polyester and polyamide.
    • Rope makers
    • Twines and cords makers
    • Transport bands
    • Hose manufacturers
    • Artificial grass
    • Mops manufacturers
    • Net manufacturers
    • Straps and security equipment
    • Medical and surgery yarns
    • Others that are based in twisting any of natural fibres, synthetics, monofilament, multifilament, fibrillated and non fibrillated tapes, fibre glass, paper and any other material that needs to be twisted.