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Fiber and yarn modular coating machine.

The TWISTFIX range of MODULAR machines are designed to impregnate, to dry, to spread and to wind filaments, yarns, fine cords, tapes or bands. The machine can be adapted to any particular feature that the customer may need. We can distinguish five process steps with different possibilities.
CREEL pulled from the top with yarn guide and small tension device. UNWINDER (for spreading only) feed roller rolled off from a bobbin.
By immersion tank:
· With manual adjustable to get more or less impregnation.
· A pump transfers the solution from a main tank (any container that the customer may already have) and keeps the solution level constant.
By kiss-roll:
· Two driven rollers transfer solution from the tank as it turns. The material is pressed against the top part of the rollers and is impregnated.
· Drying tunnel with infrared lamps.
· Tunnel with forced hot air.
· Different lengths for the tunnel are available.
· Winding: several independent heads of winder or with common front rollers.
· Twisting: connection to ring twisting machine with different plies.
· Tape winding: after spreading the tow wound as a tape.





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